3rd X1 Men’s Match Report – Sat. 28th February 2015

3rd X1 Men’s Match Report – Sat. 28th February 2015

Result: Bridgend ‘B’ 0; Whitchurch 5

Bridgend’s development X1 started strongly against an experienced Whitchurch side, that fielded no youngsters to compete against Bridgend’s young stars, and soon had the Whitchurch defence under pressure as the hard working midfield duo of Ian Blatchford and Mike John combined well with veteran Jack Steer and 14 year old Rhys Rubery only for the final shot to go just wide.

This gave Bridgend confidence to move the ball around between their players, with Alasdair Brown, Gareth Collier and Robin Wilson finding the wide men Andy Davis and youngster Matthew Hibbert with constructive passes from the defence area. They broke down the Whitchurch attacks on a number of occasions, although sustained pressure eventually told as Whitchurch scored two quick goals.

This however, was not before skipper and goalkeeper Cliff Harrison brought off a number of good saves, and stalwart defenders Derek Jones and John Thomas were again noticeable in thwarting attacks from Whitchurch with timely tackles and clearances.

Bridgend, however, found it difficult to break out of defence, hard though Ian Blatchford, Mike John and Gareth Collier worked to start attacks. But towards the end of the game, Bridgend mounted good attacks down the right, with Matthew Hibbert making prominent runs and crossing in to the circle where Rhys Rubery and Steve Sloan worried the Whitchurch defence, but final shots were scarce.