Bikes at the pitch

Bikes at the pitch

Hi club members,

We’ve received the following message from Pitch Managers, please note…

I have been informed by my line manager that bikes/scooters etc are still being left in the compound of the ATP at Pencoed. There is plenty of space outside the perimeter fencing for these to be left. Also, bike racks have recently been installed opposite the ATP for the purpose of storing bikes and scooters for those using the facility. Signage has been put up restricting the use of bikes, dogs, etc on site. Can you please circulate a message to the coaches and the parents that they must ensure that the playing compound is free of any of these items. Bikes, etc that are being put into the compound are a safety risk and the temptation will be there for the children to ride across the pitch.

Thank you for your co-operation!

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