League update: ladies section

League update: ladies section

BRIDGEND LADIES LEAGUE 2019-20 UPDATE – Bridgend Ladies end the season on a high!.

Following the disruption to the end of our year caused by the Covid19 pandemic, the leagues have now been closed and we have received the final rulings from Hockey Wales in conjunction with South Wales Women’s Hockey League regarding the league ranking situation.

The decision has been reached to utilise the percentage points system to decide final league standings where there has been an unequal amount of games played by teams. This means points have been calculated on a pro-rata basis to account for the different number of games played by each team. 

The first team started the year hit by notable absences due to injury/illness, pregnancy and losing a few key players. Division 1 is highly competitive with strong teams supported by large squads and the first ended up in 9th position, which means unfortunately that the firsts fell within the danger zone and will be relegated.

The second team is in Division 5 and had one of the best season in years, not only not losing a game in the first half of the season but also reaching the final of the now cancelled league cup. The seconds ended up winning the league by 2 points, which means the seconds will be deservedly promoted.

Overall this has been a good year for Bridgend Ladies, who compared to many teams we have a small squad. Several of the girls have interchanged between the teams this season, making the success of the seconds being down to the quality and dedication of the whole squad playing their part. Also we have had arguably a stronger, more organised and directional coaching regime this year, which has helped with fitness, team structure and hockey skills on the pitch and has led to the progression of team members at all levels – from the juniors, through development to the ladies.

I hope you and your families are remaining safe and look forward to seeing / speaking to you at the AGM which will now be held on Thursday May 21stvia Zoom.