Match Reports 1/12/2018

Match Reports 1/12/2018

Last training sessions will be Monday 10th December & Tuesday 11th December for youth and senior also Thursday 13th For development.
We all start back Week Commencing 7th January 2019!

Men’s 1s
Bridgend 1-5 Gloucester
Scorer Tom Pearce
Bridgend have not had a great deal of fortune in recent weeks with today’s game epitomising that fact.
Bridgend had only a bare eleven albeit a not fully fit bare eleven.
Matters worsened 15 minutes into the game when Rob Evans, who had made numerous exceptional challenges pulled up following a sprint. This forced an already injured reserve into the fray. A returning Adrian Hibbert demonstrated an exceptional exhibition of his goalkeeping prowess, saving a multitude of shots and preventing a truly unflattering scoreline. Matthew Wooster was consistently strong in defence, leaving the opposition forwards extremely frustrated at his challenges which defied the laws of physics, but remained within the rules of hockey. Steve Murphy performed like a dynamo, rolling back decades with an ever present performance in midfield. Bridgend’s goal came from Michael Hodges and Neall Hollis attacking down the right, the latter putting in an exceptionally high work rate despite struggling with illness, a cross came in, which was met by Tom Pearce, who deflected the ball into the goal, receiving a just reward for the effort he put in to advance up the pitch. The overall scoreline flattered the visitors, leaving Bridgend to ponder the ifs, buts and maybes.
Ladies 1s
Bridgend ladies 1s 6-2 Brecon
MOTM Louise jones
Scorers sophie evans 1, Louise jones 1, Jess Allen 1, Jaz gamble 1, Georgia Catton, Sarah Boyd 1
Bridgend started strong and off the fly scored the opening goal within 5 minutes, which set the momentum of the first half. The home team played well together, passing between each other up the wings in order to score more goals. Bridgend continued to dominate the first half and the score at half time was 5-0.
The second half started well for Bridgend and they kept possession and scored again. After that Brecon picked up the pace and managed to get their first 2 goals of the match. Bridgend struggled to fight back but managed to keep the ball out the net. The game finished 6-2 to bridgend. It was a good game from both sides and the whole team played well.
Men’s 4th

This was a terrific match, played in filthy conditions, that showcased the skill, courage and verve of every player. Bullet ants? Pah! A pastime for toddlers compared to the challenge of Whitchurch.

Bridgend fell behind to an early goal but this seemed to act as an effervescent vitamin tablet to the youngsters, in particular, who massively upped their efforts. Barnaby Milgate once again stood out, making a series of sensational tackles and then distributing the ball accurately to inspire the next attack. Dan Stoodley was equally committed and stared down danger on several occasions. Meanwhile James Tudball seriously began to assert some control in midfield through the excellence of his passing whilst Jack Hayes nonchalantly robbed opposition possession and began to threaten ankles with his powerful crosses.

Michael Wilks was a picture of industry and hard running down the right flank whilst Steve Mansell up front made a thorough nuisance of himself and began to baffle Whitchurch’s defenders with the positions he found.

Through all this strode the Collossus of Pencoed, Capt Schofield, who inspired his troops with countless interceptions and incisive passing.

It was truly no surprise when Bridgend pinched possession again and, through slick James Tudball and Jack Hayes passing, set up Steve Mansell who finished quite brilliantly. 1-1 at half time was full value.

The second half saw Whitchurch attacking with complete resolution and self belief but Bridgend simply wouldn’t let them score. Were any of the youngsters Satere-Mawe it was the equivalent of holding their hands in the bullet ant glove for 35 minutes. None yielded.

The game finished 1-1 which was an entirely fair result and Whitchurch must be congratulated for their spirited contribution to a wonderful game. Your correspondent reached the inevitable conclusion that 6 boys grew into men at Fortress Pencoed today!