Match reports 16-12-17

Match reports 16-12-17

Bridgend 1st XI 6-3 Cardiff and Met

‘Twas the night of the Santa run and all through the club,
The Ravens were desperate to get to the pub.
Captain Coleman set up his team with plenty of care,
‘Pure and simple’ his plan if you weren’t aware.

Rhys Owen gave Tom Pearce a wonderful ball,
A foul from Cardiff, short corner the call.
The ball reached Dai Knight who taught Cardiff a lesson,
30 seconds in before Cardiff had any possession.

Jon Rubery advanced down the right and was met with a clatter,
A short corner was awarded as Cardiff’s dreams started to shatter,
A strike from Gareth Coleman, bottom right was the place,
The keeper was beaten by the shot’s pace

Mere minutes went by Bridgend the better men,
Jon Rubery won a short corner again.
The strike was good and exactly the same,
Nobody could fault Captain Coleman’s aim.

Another short corner, this time neat,
Rubery placed the ball into a defenders feet.
Coleman’s clean strike hammered the ball,
Goal number 4 was Bridgend’s call.

As the game continued Cardiff’s return could not be seen,
Unfortunately Bridgend started to daydream.
Tom Pearce wandered out to the right,
Captain Coleman was not impressed with the sight;

Sub him for Jason, Neall, Jacob or Paul,
I’m even tempted to give Charles a call.
You belong in the D, next to the post,
That’s the place I want to see you the most.

As the game moved on with Cardiff attacking,
Bridgend’s defensive numbers were clearly lacking.
A wonderful stop from goalkeeper Aid,
Meant Cardiff’s comeback was quickly delayed.

Bridgend’s defence continued fine,
Matthew Wooster stopping a flick on the line.
Another attack, Bridgend started to fear
Kris Holyoake’s goal line stop saw the ball go clear.

Unfortunately for Bridgend, complacency was starting to breed,
The Ravens misfortune lead them to concede.
For David knight, Captain Coleman had one task,
For him it was quite an ask……………………….


Silent Knight,
quiet Knight,
Please be calm,
don’t try and fight
Just round yon keeper
And centre back
Pass to Jacob,
Then get it back,
Put the ball in the goooooal
Put the ball in the goal.


At 5-2 up Bridgend pushed on,
The ball was collected by young Tom.
He turned with the ball an elaborate spin,
He made it 6 and a definite win

The final score ended 6-3,
Now it’s time to stand around the tree.
Bridgend enter Christmas at first place,
An undefeated team, their the ones to chase.

An excellent half,
The team had a laugh.
To win the league we’ll still have to fight,
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!!!