Match Reports 2-03-2019

Match Reports 2-03-2019

Men’s 1s

Bridgend 2-2 Swansea

Bridgend made the short journey west to take on old rivals Swansea. A fast-paced start meant chances occurred at both ends of the pitch. The home team took an early lead through a soft finish due to defensive errors, but Bridgend were resolute and fought back winning a short corner. The initial shot was saved by the goal keeper, only as far as Tom Pearce who recovered the rebounding ball well, and teed up David Knight who drilled the ball under the goalie. Rob Evans had a starring role in the first half, with his unique style of play proving impossible for Swansea to deal with, as he drew countless fouls. Honours equal seemed a fair way to enter the break. 

The second half saw Bridgend do their best to maintain control of the game, with the central players Matt Wooster, Kris Holyoake, David Knight and Rhydian Cole pivotal to this aspect of the performance. The challenges of the former players also vital to keep Swansea at bay. The constant effort and running from Tom Pearce and Rhodri Owen ensured an attacking threat was ever-present which prevented Swansea from committing too many to their attacks. Robust defending from John Woodward extinguished a number of smouldering attacks which gave threat of becoming more. Swansea unfortunately for the Ravens increased their persistence of attacks which culminated in them winning a penalty stroke, this took Bridgend back to a deficit in the scoreline. Fortunately the deficit did not last long as Tom Pearce found himself in a great attacking position. Pearce lifted the ball over the goalkeeper, chasing his up and under before slotting it into the goal. At 2-2 the game was tense, Birthday boy Paul Jones made substantial ground on the left flank, unfortunate to not generate better chances, to secure the win for Bridgend, a threat however continued at Bridgend’s defensive end of the pitch. Captain Adrian Hibbert stepped up in goal, in a show stealing save with his stick at full stretch, tapping the ball away from goal. Unable to rest on his laurels, Hibbert was then posed the challenge of dealing with a second penalty stroke. His earlier save and imposing presence clearly played on the mind of the Swansea stroke taker, who blasted the ball way over the bar. The game played out to a well deserved point for both teams, who certainly earned it.

Ladies 1s

Bridgend ladies 1s 2-2 Cardiff and Met

Scorers Tania Harrison and Louise Jones
Bridgend started the game well, playing as a team and passing the ball quickly between each other to keep possession. Cardiff picked up the pace and scored the first goal of the game.

The second half started with Cardiff scoring another goal, from a cross in across the D. Bridgend then fought back, and Louise Jones made a cracking strike from the top of the D to score Bridgend’s first goal. Bridgend used this momentum and continued to play well, resulting in a short corner. Tanya Harrison got on the end of a great ball towards the goal and deflected into the back of the net. The final score was 2 – 2, a Brilliant result for Bridgend against a top of the league team, a big improvement from their last match.

Men’s 2s

Bridgend 2nds 0 vs Penarth A 3

The Ravens 2nd eleven showed up with a full squad against a very powerful Penarth side and the match started well with Bridgend putting together some great passages of play. Penarth made use of every little mistake made by Bridgend and a momentary lack of of concentration by the typically sharp defence of Jamie Brooks and AJ Jr saw an easily save-able shot being picked at the post by the Un-marked Penarth attacker and consequently putting the first goal past the usually ever ready goalie Adam Hawas.

A second goal came around 10 minutes later from a Penarth lightning pass into the D and another typically easy save for the Bridgend Keeper saw the ball go into the goal from the Penarth attack.

Bridgend pulled themselves together with the likes Welsh International Phil Rees and Bridgend Patriarch John Rubery working to cement the basics and putting together some fantastic passing and creating short corner opportunities. Bridgend won five short corners in the game but unfortunately Bridgend just couldn’t make use of this and failed to put the ball in the back of the net.

Tired legs and relentless opposition led to the second half being a battle of Penarth Skill and youth VS Bridgend Ravens refusal to give up but the final whistle came to early and Bridgend were unable to find their feet in the game that the score line didn’t seem to justify the effort.

Onwards and upwards.

Ladies 2s

Bridgend Ladies 2nds 1 – Gwent 4ths 4.
In a closer game than the scoreline suggests, there were many positives for the home team and some fast and exciting play was witnessed. The game started fairly evenly, with both teams taking turns to pressurise but sadly it was Gwent who scored first despite Bridgend’s best efforts. The half time score of 1-0 to Gwent was only just a fair reflection of the difference between the teams but a 10 or 15 minute lull for Bridgend just after half time was their undoing and Gwent capitalised on this, scoring 3 goals in fairly quick succession. Bridgend then rallied and were the stronger team during the last quarter putting together some lovely inter-passing and probing balls. Unfortunately, despite this pressure, their only goal was scored jointly by Jo Poupon and Sherry Shawcross – Jo’s lovely strike was going past the keeper and Sherry helped it on it’s way! Player of the match was Freya in goal. All in all Bridgend were disappointed with the final score as it really wasn’t a true reflection of the way they played.