Mens 1 match report 14th feb

Mens 1 match report 14th feb

Lansdowne 1- Bridgend 1

Bridgend fielded their team of undateables on a cold valentines morning. Injury stricken Bridgend knew they had to dig deep to avoid a plummet down the table. The game started with Rhys Owen breaking down play early and finding space to run from his own 25 meter area with the ball into that of the opponents where Jeremy Ingram waited like a shining beacon for his pass, Ingram delivered a superb cross, which Owen was unable to finish. Bridgend dominated precedings with captain David knight running a tight ship from the back. Bridgend’s efforts paid off with a run of short corners, third time proved the charm as Rhys Owen sent the keeper the wrong way making the score 1-0.

Bridgend continued to push, however could not increase their lead.

The second half saw Bridgend get caught napping as an overlap for Lansdowne returned the game to a tie. Bridgend’s tireless effort through Andrew Jones Snr and Jr as well as Rhydian Cole through the middle made Lansdowne know they were in a game, but despite probing runs from both wingers with a number of incisive runs from Paul Jones, Bridgend could not take their deserved lead. A hard fought point for the Ravens


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