Message from Charles Thorp

Message from Charles Thorp

Dear Member,

I should like to sincerely thank all members for the very generous gifts of a bouquet for Barbara and the inscribed pint glass that the club presented us with on my retirement as President. They were very much appreciated.

Having been a Club member for 40 years, Bridgend Hockey Club has been a very important part of my life which I have greatly enjoyed and the last few years has President have been a great honour.

I decided at the start of my term that the club was best run by those still playing or officiating and that I would just do any odd jobs where I could help out. This was made easy for me as we had been blessed with an extremely competent Chairman in Steve, who now steps up as President after many years in the chair. It was good to see the Club appreciating his hard work at the dinner.

Over the years I have contributed where I could being at various times as 3rd XI captain, 4th XI captain, committee member, Chairman and lastly President. I have also been involved in organising indoor tournaments, centenary celebrations, the trip to Poland and most recently the 20th anniversary of our Polish trip. I also served for several years on the WHU South Wales committee. I think I have probably watched more cup and shield finals than most. Latterly I umpired for several years ( although some may not have appreciated this at the time!).

One of the most gratifying things that have occurred over the years is the formation of our Ladies section. I think the club has benefitted greatly from the Ladies. I look forward to the day when a Lady member becomes Chair. This would show that we are fully integrated.

I am also very impressed with the progress of the youth players. How good it is to see the many very talented youngsters from both sections forcing their way into the senior teams.

I do intend to continue supporting and watching the Club although I feel I am becoming a bit of a “fair weather” supporter these days. I look forward to seeing the Club gain in strength and stature. Under the current management there is no reason why this should not happen.

Thanks and Good Luck to all