President’s Message

Message from our President …

Another season of that great game, which is Hockey, is almost upon us. I have been involved in Hockey in some form or other for many years (more than I care to mention) and I still find that a new season is something to look forward to.

At school I was always told that the game was good enough to stand on its own and did not need cups and other competitions to make it worthwhile playing. In this day and age that is regrettably no longer true and cups and league are everything nowadays while “friendly” games are almost non-existent. Thus it was very good to see our Men’s section do so well last season getting to the finals in both the Welsh Shield and 2nd XI competitions. The 2nd XI surprised everyone by doing much better than anyone had expected. The Mens 1st XI are also to be congratulated on their runaway promotion.

This year I am hoping for good results from the Ladies who had a disappointing season last year. I feel that we basically have the talent but results seem to be eluding us. This despite Adrian’s coaching hard work.

Much has changed in Hockey over the years, from the stick, the pitch, the balls, keeper’s kit and innumerable rule changes. It is still a very good game and I would encourage all members to get their friends involved especially in our excellent club. That way we can continue to thrive.

Finally I would wish all members an enjoyable and successful season.

Best Wishes