President’s Message

President’s Message

Senior members, Junior members, parents and friends. Welcome to a new season at Bridgend Hockey Club. I hope you had an enjoyable summer break and are all fit and looking forward to another challenging new season.

With the Olympics well under way Hockey is one of the prime team sports on show with all games being shown live every day. We have an opportunnity to be ready for any potential interest shown by new or current players looking for an outlet to a local club (Bridgend). To that end we have arranged an Open day for the 1st of September (following on from the one we held in July). We have been advertising over the last few months around the town and hopefully the next event will attract more potential new members than the 1st. I would however like to thanks all those who helped organise these open days and also those who came along on the day.

The club is keen to get back to running more senior sides and we all need to work together to achieve that goal. As part of our quest to encourage new players we have identified club Ambassadors who will work with our local schools coaching and encouraging them to come along to our youth training evenings. Please help and support these Ambassadors as this will be a vital role for the future of our youth development between the schools and our club.

I am also keen to see some Improvement in the following areas:

  • Return after home match to entertain and interact with your opposition – teas are currently given free of charge for both home and away teams. (not sure how much longer we can keep this as fewer people are returning after matches).
  • Meeting at the requested time before games (not 10 minutes or more late ). This does not help your captain in match preparation.
  • Advertise/Promote BHC as much as possible including wearing club clothing where possible.

Looking forward to another successful season…

Steve Murphy
Bridgend Hockey Club